Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sweet cousins...

This weekend, Nona and Papa took Mage and Chris to the pet show at the Dulles Expo Center. It was a great idea until Chris's eyes started watering, he couldn't control his sneezing, and was clearly suffering from allergies. The trip got cut short- but not until the boys had their faces painted and enjoyed popcorn:) Poor Chris, he definatly has allergies to animals- this isn't the first time he's had problems. After the pet show, the grandparents stopped by a model home with the boys. The boys were being really good- until Nona realized she couldn't find Papa. Finally, Chris fessed up... "I locked Papa in the garage." Ha Ha- Chris had really locked the door to the garage, and Nona had to go save Papa- he was still in the garage waiting for someone to rescue him!

After the pet show, Mage came over to our house to play... He's sooo sweet. After the kids played at our house, we went to our neighborhood park and there were a bunch of boys playing... so Mage and Chris joined in. The group decided to play "superheroes," and the boys started naming off who they were... "I'm Spiderman, I'm Wolverine, I'm Batman, I'm the Incredible Hulk, and then we hear the sweetest little voice chime in... Mage said, "I'm Kitty Cat." He is just too cute.

The cousins have been playing so well together... when we get together with Todd and Sarah, it's almost like we have a babysitter- the kids play soooo well together now. They just love each other so much, and it's so nice to see. It's gotten to the point where the four of us adults can actually relax and hang out... good times:) We keep saying we're going to break out a game or cards to play... but we don't want to press our luck too much!