Sunday, March 1, 2009

Never a dull moment...

Sooooo.... the day started out like this:

We were outside, it was a beautiful day, and we did our normal thing- we headed to the park:) The kids were having fun with their friends, and then in a split second, Chris fell off the monkey bars:( I thought his wrist was swollen, so I took him to the hospital- When the triage nurse had us take off his sweatshirt- it was much worse than expected... His arm was in an "S" shape, and the bone had pierced through the skin on the bottom of his arm:( Thank God I hadn't pulled up his shirt- I think I would have fainted and he and Addie would have had to figure out what to do! We got a room immediately, and to make a long story short- he had a double compound fracture- breaking both of his bones in his lower arm:( Thank goodness, I had help at the hospital- my mom, Chuck, and Todd were there for support, and Brendan's work was awesome- they airlined him home within hours- don't ya know, he was in L.A.... Chris went through surgery, slept a lot, and has been a total trooper... We go back tomorrow (as long as we can make it to the doctor- we're expecting a foot of snow!). We're hoping we can just get a cast, but if not, he'll need surgery again:( Please pray that the bone stayed set and we can get the blue cast that he wants! I just want to say a big thank you to all of our family and friends who have been praying, sending well wishes, and visiting- we can't thank you enough... He's doing great at staying still- it's just Mommy who has cabin fever. Oh- and if you ask Chris how he broke his arm, he'll be sure to tell you that, "Mommy forgot to catch him on the monkey bars."