Friday, March 13, 2009

On the go...

We've had a busy couple of days, and I think the weekend is going to continue that way... But I love having things to do:) Today we had a playdate at Chuck-e-Cheese... and it was a success:) Now, I may have bribed my kids with cotten candy (I know, it's horrible for them, but I didn't let them have the whole bag... I helped finish it off;)) to get them to leave, but they were really well-behaved and we all had a great time- It wasn't crowded and chaotic like usual, so Sara and I plan on making this a regular playdate:) Chris LOVES playing the games~

Speaking of games, I thought this was too cute- Addie was caught with brother's DS...

And this is Addie Tay on the Barney ride- She got a little too close to Barney- at one point I think she was trying to cop a feel- J/K- but she really did give him love for about ten minutes.

Tonight, we also went out to dinner with Nona and Papa and then hit up the mall play area. Knock on wood, but for some reason, the kids have been loving it and playing well there!
Last night, we ventured out to Brad's surprise birthday party- It was pretty cool- Jenny rented Leesburg's Tally Ho movie theater for a Star Wars party and movie showing. Personally, I think Brad loses some cool points for having a Star Wars party... But then again, who am I to talk... I'm married to a Star Wars movie buff, and Chris declared it the "best birthday party eva". I think I'm so stealing this idea for Chris's birthday party. Before the movie, I was the hostest with the mostest and had Uncle E and Aunt Jenna over for dinner~ Jenna is a vegetarian, so I tried to make a homemade Italian dish of Pasta Primavera. We all agreed it was good, but only I can manage to make an Italian dish taste Asian with a hint of Chinese flavor- not quite sure how I did that, but it was still good:)
Oh, and Chris got yet another care package today- Thanks Uncle Greg and Aunt Diane... I forgot to break out my camera- but Chris and Addie loved it- I have been searching for one of those dry erase boards for Chris to practice writing his letters... and she sent it in the package. It totally got me thinking- If I had gotten it for him and it was from mommy, he so would not have been interested... but since it came as a "prize" from someone else, he's been practicing his letters all night long... hmmmmm I might be on to something:) Maybe the Easter Bunny will bring some learning things:)