Friday, March 6, 2009

Put down the glue gun...

Being stuck inside has made me want to spruce up the house... and sprucing up I did:) Yesterday, I went to the fabric store and bought some fabric, trim, and odds and ends. We just had a new Joanne's open up a few miles from me- they really should stop sending me coupons- I feel like I have to use them! First, I changed out the flowers on my front door to make it more springy. I even added feathers:) I go from loving this to hating it- I just don't think it "goes" on my marroon front door- but I'll leave it up for a few weeks... If my spring flowers pop through, the purples will all tie together- or at least I'm hoping!

I've never even sewn a button- but ten minutes and a glue gun paid off pretty well if I do say so myself... I made a few curtains and redid my kitchen...They needed some touching up, but look what I made:) I also made a table runner with a tassel... my mom asked Brendan what I'm going to put tassels on next... he didn't get it. HA!

Don't ya love the sign? Whenever we have a party, it's the nights festivities... j/k:) I also added trim to my regular store bought curtains... I think it really livened them up... Fancy Nancy would approve:)