Monday, March 16, 2009

My kids crack me up...

Warning- this blog contains dirty humor, so if you think you will be offended, skip it:)
Chris has wanted to spend the night at Nona and Papa's house for the past week. Each time we go over to visit, he has wanted to take his "travel bag," and tonight, his wish came true. After being denied three times, they called and asked if Chris could come "pend the night" with them. Chris was so excited, and from what I've heard already, he's had a great time. Nona and Papa took him to get a movie at Best Buy and then they went to the new Johnny Rocketts for dinner. They had a really cute blonde waitress that Chris had a crush on... and she even signed his cast for him... When they got home, Chris kept going around the house saying:
"I've got a hard on from that waitress."
Yes, he was clearly saying, "I've got a hard on from that waitress." My mom and dad didn't quite know what to say. Judy reports that my dad was practically mortified and didn't know what exactly they should do... Should they talk to him about what he was saying? How did he know what that was? Finally, they decided to talk to him about it- and he pointed to his cast... He sure did have a "HEART ON" from the waitress. She had signed his cast- but didn't write her name- she just drew a heart. My parents hadn't noticed that and since Chris often substitutes a d for his t's... the mystery was solved, they could take a deep breath, and we can all laugh about it now!
Brendan and I have also enjoyed the night... We took Addison on a date to Costco- after having played "Fancy Nancy". She totally calls herself Fancy Addie, and loved going out with us like Fancy Nancy does in her book all dressed up. She thought she was so pretty:) Oh, and doesn't every one year old play ball with a bookbag and tu-tu???

Addie truly enjoyed the one-on-one time with Mommy and Daddy- and we loved playing with our little princess. But we all agreed, part of us was missing- We missed you Poopyhead Chris:)
When Addie went to bed, Brendan and I enjoyed watching the movie "Taken". Shhhhh, don't tell, but somehow my Uncle Butch is getting the hook-up with pirated movies... It was a great movie- and I highly recommend it... and it wasn't even a love movie!