Monday, March 9, 2009

Old friends can be the best friends

Sunday was a beautiful day, and the kids and I had a playdate at Franklin Park. We met up with Angie and her kids, (we missed you Sara) had a picnic lunch, and let the kids run all afternoon. They had a blast and it was so fun to watch them play. It's hard to believe that I've known Angie (and Sara) for almost 30 years... and 25 years ago the three of us were running on the soccer fields together- and now we're raising our kids together. It's always great hanging out with them- there's no need to impress, we know everything about one another, and we just have so much fun. And speaking of old friends- Sethie, when you read this- please don't be jealous that I spent the day with Angie- HA!
Oh- and Chris has a huge crush on Angie's daughter Abby- I don't know if that's a good thing... a Pearson boy and a Klunk girl could only lead to trouble!!!