Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Swim Team

Our summers wouldn't be the same without summer swim team- we do it every year, and I might cry when my kids don't want to- I love getting up, socializing, and starting the day with time at the pool. Ellie has been a trooper this summer and is along for the ride- has gone to practices every morning and been a part of the meets.:) Both the kids have had awesome seasons- Chris making all-stars in every stroke (you can only pick two to swim though) and even made all-stars for the 9-10 year old individual medley and he's only 8! Addie made it in both free and back- even qualified at the first meet! Today at practice, one of the coaches had a talk with Addie about "natural talent"... and told her she has it... so sweet! Chris also broke the boys team record in free and back and his relay team broke the team record- and he broke the ODSL backstroke record for the entire league! Brendan is over the moon happy with this since he was a swimmer- Most of all, I've seen Chris grow confidence and enjoy being so good... I'm just hoping he keeps the love next year when he moves up age groups and adds flip turns and 50's... which I'm sure will be a year of growth... But for now, we're enjoying an awesome season of fun, snack bar visits, more shark tattoos than you can imagine, and friendships! GO SHARKS! All-stars are in two weeks!