Saturday, July 6, 2013

Elizabeth Margaret

Since she is the light of our lives, I thought our little Ellie girl did deserve an introduction... and a post of her own- since I'm sure she'll just be thrown in with the other two rugrats from here on out.

Elizabeth Margaret was born on April 1st, 2013... weighing in at 5 pounds 11 ounces. Yep, our little peanut has a name bigger than she is, a name fit for a queen- and she's just that. Named after my grandmothers, she entered this world on April Fool's Day- when Daddy had tickets to opening day at the Nats game in a suite with Uncle Dave- all you can eat and drink. Ellie had other plans though- since Mommy's water broke two weeks early and right after Bryce Harper hit a home run, Daddy was summoned to the hospital. Yep, he didn't answer his phone at first because the crowd was going wild and he didn't hear it... or so Daddy claims.:)

After just a couple hours and without even a push, our little caboose slid on out. For real, the nurse announced to the room, "Oh, we got a lot of room down here." So nice... What every hormonal mom wants to hear. No worries though, we've test driven things and it's not like a wet noodle going down an open hall, so we're all good.:)

Back to our Elle Belle... The first night in the hossy and at home she was horrible. As in up allllll night, and she could literally tell if your butt hit a seat- she'd scream... but if you were up walking and bouncing, she was happy as a clam. Let's just say that made for a couple long nights...

After that and ever since, she has fit into our family like that missing piece of a puzzle. The kids love and adore her- and she often has wet marks from slobbery kisses- Let's just say that they have not yet mastered the rule of no kissing the baby when she's eating or sleeping... but it's all good. She is Mama's angel and we spent two months together while the kids were in school cuddling every second of the day. And she already has her Daddy wrapped around her finger.

Ellie is growing like a weed and it's all going way too fast and I'd love to just hit the pause button. She sleeps from 9:30-7am every day and has become quite the thumbsucker. Most of the time she looks like a rag doll because she already hates being held like a baby and loves to face outward so she can see what's going on. She's our tagalong baby and just goes with the flow- making life complete.

Ellie Roo, We love you so very much and thank the Good Lord every day for bringing you into our lives. Please- just as you came into this world, always keep us on our toes... and keep us young. You'll always be our baby, our little "boosie." xoxo