Thursday, March 31, 2011

Star of the Day!

Addie was star of the day this week in her class and got to make a special poster and bring in snack. I went out of my way to get cake pops for the whole class... I thought they were great, but the kids ate more goldfish than cake pops... Go figure.:) If you haven't tried a cake pop from Starbuck's... don't do it. You will want them every day!

Addie was so cute in her class. Of course, she's the tallest one, and maybe it's just the mommy in me, but she seems older and more mature than most of the kids. That is... until she had to present her poster. When Addie is nervous or tired, she talks in a fake baby voice- and she did when she talked about her poster... but I thought it was pretty cute.:) She made sure to tell everyone about her family, brother Chris, that she loves Barney, and strawberries.:)