Saturday, March 5, 2011

Disney 2011: Day Two

We decided to spend our second day doing Hollywood Studios... and our family was like walking celebrities. Brendan was chosen to be an actor in a show- He was mighty fine I must say.:) Chris was in heavan and got to go to Star Wars training and be in a show. And then Addie was chosen to be the princess in the Beauty and the Beast show. We were escorted up front to the princess priority seating- and then Addie had to practice walking on stage where the Prince was going to give her a rose... That's when she freaked out, wouldn't go on stage, and we had to give up our seats to let an understudy have the part! Ha! Oh well, you can't win them all! Brendan and Chris LOVED the Indiana Jones show, Addie and I loved the American Idol show, and yes, we did everything and even made Addie ride the Tower of Terror. We ended the night by eating at the Sci-Fi Theatre which was really fun... Just an amazing day!