Tuesday, March 15, 2011

International Night

Brendan and I ventured out in the pouring rain to take the kids to International Night at Chris's school- and we are so glad we did! We had a great night... The kids got a passport- and we got to spend time visiting around 30 countries that were represented. In order to earn their stamp, they had to "learn something" about the country. Addie would often look at the poster and say something like, "They have money" or something random, but she LOVED getting the stamps.:) We were also given tickets to try food from different countries and then finished the night off by watching a Martial Arts demonstration and partaking in a live Zumba class! It was so cute to see Chris run up to kids and talk with them... He is not shy at all and it made me realize how much older he's getting!

At this event, we spent a good time talking with the lady representing Japan... She played a game with the kids and we told her how Brendan lived there. She was so sweet and so proud of her country- and just had the best spirit. The next morning we woke up to see the news about the earthquake and devastation in Japan- and it was heartbreaking. Life can really change in an instant... Thankful for the moments we have each day...