Saturday, March 5, 2011


O.k... before you read the following posts, I will say... Don't Hate.

I HATE getting Christmas cards or reading blogs where everything is perfect and people don't have any "issues." I just want to say, "get real people"... or dream about having their lives.:) The following posts are about our vacay at Disney... and let me just say that there is no other way to describe it than perfect. The kids were at the perfect age, we had perfect weather, and it was just an amazing family get away. With that being said, I thought I'd keep it real so you know that eventhough it was "perfect"... it was about as perfect as it gets to me:)... but I'll also keep it real.

Let's see...

Eventhough the lines weren't bad, we seemed to hit the parks on busy days. I think I threatened Chris's life at least ten times- one time it involved a hair brush. Addie's fingers were accidentally smushed in the stroller by Daddy... They looked awful- and this resulted in a trip to the first aid center (not one of our finer moments):). Addie's feet hardly touched the ground- She had to be carried everywhere- and even wanted to sit in a high chair (this resulted in her not being charged for a fancy breakfast b/c I guess they thought she was under 3!) One night I got into a fight with Brendan over a Diet Coke and refused to talk to him during fireworks- Oops. I can admit now that I was being a snot.:)The geyser wasn't working at our hotel- Too bad there wasn't a sign that told us this and Chris and Brendan waited forever to see it go off! Ha! And lastly- it did rain for two hours one morning- I mean it poured! I spent precious money and bought rain parkas... only for it to clear up and be complete sunshine the rest of the day. Oh well, at least my parka kept me dry on the Animal Kingdon rapid ride.:)