Thursday, March 31, 2011

Go Angels...

Once again I've been bad about blogging... I've forgotten my camera for several playdates, a Chuck-e-Cheese celebration with the Layne girls, oh- and we can't forget the night I locked myself out of our house while at a neighbor's house for dinner. Thank God for my parents rescuing us and for locksmiths!

Things are about to kick into high gear... Spring sports start this weekend. Addie will be playing soccer, and Chris is playing baseball. Doesn't he look older in this picture- so handsome.:) Today, we got to pick up our uniforms since practice was rained out. I love cheering at his games- and this season shall be quite interesting. I love teams like the Angels, Lions, even the Mets from last season. This year, we are the IRON PIGS! Wooooo Hoooooo.... Go Iron pigs! Ha!