Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Fun

We averaged going to three pools a day this past week. We usually start with the Brambleton swimming pool for an hour in the morning for swim team, then we have Addie's swim lessons at the Beacon Crest pool for an hour, and then at some point during the day we make it to the Sport & Health pool. We've been enjoying going with my college roomie, Katie and her kids. We tend to picnic and then let the kids play- They play fight and come up with the cutest things. Lleyton has everyone doing "mario jumps" into the pool. The kids are so cute with how they just amuse themselves!

Don't worry, we haven't completely lived outside... We did hang out with the Hayes clan and made a Chuck-E-Cheese day and fifty dollars later we got to catch Toy Story 3. I hate cartoons with a passion, but I actually loved this movie and was bawling with tears at the end. Chris was great- He and Jack sat in the row in front of us like big boys and we never had to say a word to them. Addie on the other hand was a little more challenging. At one point she asked to sit by Chris- so we let Addie and Libby move up a row. For about ten minutes, they were angels... until Courtney heard some kids running around at the front of the theater. After making fun of the "bad moms" that lost their children, we realized that we were those "bad moms". Luckily, we were the only fools that sat in the front section of the theatre and we were able to find the laughing girls in a second... but I'm sure we were being talked about!