Monday, June 7, 2010

$1,000 later...

Addison started taking ballet last fall. From the first day, she LOVED it. She went right in to class and did exactly what the teacher instructed. Until recently, some girls needed their mommys to go to class with them and only a few were able to follow instructions like Addie.

On Sunday, Addie had her recital... and I don't know what happened! Ha! She bravely walked out on stage and then stood. She stayed in one spot waving a wand with one hand... and didn't do one thing else! Her feet never even moved a milimeter. I don't know if she had stage fright or what, but all of the other little girls were dancing around doing great and Addie never moved! I was laughing so hard I was crying. In the end, Addie had a great time and thought she did great. She LOVEd getting make-up on and being the center of attention- and for once Chris let her without a fit! Nona, Papa, Chuck, Jackie, Butch, and Linda all joined us in the audience to see her wonderful performance!

Gotta love it... Chuck and Jackie even gave her Hokie colored ribbon on her flowers... Gooooo Hokies!