Monday, June 7, 2010

Staying Busy

Preschool and activities have ended, but we have been staying soooo busy! We've enjoyed t-ball games, swim team, and several friend's birthday parties- We just went to another one at Chuck-E-Cheese and of course the kids LOVED it! We joined the new gym Sport & Health as a family and we are those people that get our money's worth... We're pretty much a permanant fixture there for two hours every day! Brendan and I even got up and went with the kids before church on Sunday... Speaking of Sunday- it was my day to work the nursery, and the girl helping me wasn't feeling well, so Brendan actually filled in! I was shocked at how well he did with all the kids! B and I also celebrated our ten year anniversary this week and had a great time!

Little Addie Tay LOVES the pool. She is learning to swim and loves the water!!! Tonight when I was warming up leftovers for dinner, she had to put her plate in the mircrowave and do it herself. Without thinking, I said, "Shut the door, push one, three, zero, start,"- and she did just that all by herself! I don't know if she really knows her numbers or if we just warm up leftovers and food using a microwave way too much! We took the kids to make wishes at the fountain in front of the movie theatre and Addie wished that "she will always love everybody." Sweetheart, I hope that comes true!

Chris has started swim team and is swimming for the Brambleton Bettas. He has been moved up to the 6-8 year old practice and we're hoping he gets his cast off on Wednesday! He is more in love than ever with his legos and got to have one of his best friends over for a big boy playdate this past week. He's really good about including Addie when he has a friend over, so it makes me happy! He continues to work really hard in speech and will be getting services this summer. When he made his wish, he wished "that every day is Christmsas." Ha!