Friday, April 6, 2012

This little...

This little light of mine... is shining... Addie Tay isn't the only one growing up.  Chris is maturing, growing, and amazing us every day.  He now reads, spells, writes, you name it- I just can't believe how much he has learned this year in school.  He is doing so well academically- and is a complete angel in school.  He's excelling at sports, and everything.  Sometimes we can be hard on Chris because he's such a strong-willed little boy- but we're just not ready for him to grow up yet!  He's been playing with the neighborhood boys who are 2-3 years older than him.  We embarass him because when they are outside, we keep checking on him, and tonight he was crushed when he was the only boy that wasn't allowed to go to a sleepover.  He's grown up sooooo much this year- and I just know in my heart of hearts that there is such a big difference between him and fourth graders- and I'm not ready for him to spend the night with them.  Sorry Chris, we're keeping close tabs on you.  I know you were crushed when I made you come home tonight... but one day you'll realize it is just because I love you.  I wish you could just stay little.

You are have so many talents.  You have brains, are athletic, and have the kindest heart of any kid I know... and I just want to shelter you from everything- for as long as I can.  You amaze us every day and we are sooooo very proud of you!