Sunday, November 30, 2008

You made the slog!

My family thinks I'm the coolest for creating this blog... Isn't there a saying that making fun of someone is the highest form of flattery? Maybe not- but regardless of how much they make fun of the slog a.k.a. Shelley's Blog, I know they enjoy it:) My oh-so-cool cousins wanted to pose for a picture to make my infamous blog:)

Now, if you are in a picture, that means I get to talk about you... We'll start from top left to right... First there's Lauren and Kevin- Lauren, Kevin is looking a little old- Just kidding:) That's my uncle Butch doing the classic homecoming pose with Lauren. Need I say more... Then there is Paige- Paigie is sporting the Miley Cyrus pose... She's a freshman at Radford, beautiful, and probably having enough fun for anyone reading this... I'm starting to get old and she makes me feel it- eventhough I could probably outlast her partying, I can tell she's starting to censor her debacles when she tells me what she's been up to- I'm losing my coolness... Then there is Dean Alex and Alexis- They are both beautiful and have model bodies that I'm so jeaous of... and they think the world of my kids... and they are both Hokies- how can you not love them? Last- in the front row is the gayest couple of them all- J.D. and Rebecca- the sweetest, good-hearted people around~ but when I think of them, I think opposites attract. "Bak Bak" is the quietest, shyest girl (until you get to know her- she's become one of "us"- does that scare you Rebecca?:)) so it sometimes blows my mind that J.D. doesn't cause her to sweat- He's the type of guy that you never know what he's going to do- He's the first to karaoke, the first to get the party started... so I'm sure Bak Bak wants to run and hide at times- but she's always there for him:)