Sunday, November 9, 2008

Chris is 4!

Yes, I can't believe my baby boy is already four years old- where did the time go. Chris's birthday lasted for over a week... with cake and ice cream at my grandparent's house, a special trip to Chuck-E-Cheese's, and it ended with a party with 20 of his closest friends at Pump It Up. He wanted a spiderman party, but mommy thought it would be much easier to have it at Pump It Up... but we had a special appearance from Spiderman himself... Shhhh... it wasn't really Spiderman- Uncle E dressed up as the super hero and made a grand entrance. Chris really thinks Spiderman came to his party- but part of me wonders if he's onto us. At bedtime a few days after the party, he asked, "Mommy, why did spiderman have curly hair?" He got his beloved Nintendo DS and is already looking forward to his party next year!