Sunday, November 16, 2008

Church and Nona and Papa's

This week has been full of blessings... I said a special prayer with a really inspiring woman this week, and I'm sure I will share more of my journey with all of you in the future. I know that faith can be a touchy and personal topic, but having children has opened me up to many things. I grew up going to church and have always been a believer, but looking back, sometimes I was too busy being interested in the boys in my youth group and the social aspect, than learning the stories and lessons:) Brendan and I have been your typical family that has put off finding a church because there always seems to be an excuse- we'd rather have the extra sleep, we have errands to run, we're out of town, etc... but we really want to find a home church where we can grow and learn- and we think it's important to raise our children in a Christian environment. Today, we visited a new church and fell in love with it. It reminded me so much of my church growing up, and we had a great time... the kids loved it too. Chris made a pillow out of rocks because they were learning the story of Jacob... but I'm sad to say, he didn't get to bring it home because he and the other boys in the class decided to break them on their heads... I think it was a good fit for him- sounds like the boys were being boys:) We even ran into my old youth group counselors and it was soooo much fun catching up:) Oh the memories!

After church, we stopped by my parent's house and hung out... maybe we were killing time before naptime:) Of course I pulled out my camera~ Chris and Addie LOVE their grandparents... So, Will and Joanie~ be ready for me to take lots of pictures over Thanksgiving- I know you are just so excited about being on my blog (ha ha). Oh- and check out Lil' Miss Addie's outfit- it was mine when I was little:)