Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chris's special day

I thought his birthday was over, but it continued today:) Aunt Jackie and "Boat Boat" (Lauren) picked Chris up for a trip to Toys-R-Us... He was so excited to have a special trip with them. They let him pick out his birthday gift... and this is what I was lucky enough to bring home. A nerf gun... Not only a gun, but a gun bigger than he is complete with detachable clips. Wonderful- thanks Lauren and Jackie... Oh- and hi to all the Smith children- I know you are reading, eventhough you have already made fun of me for this blog. Here's your shoutout:) Chris really did have a great time and thought he was so big. He had a dinner date with them at Wendy's, and we finished the night off with target practice~ Jackie bent over and moved her butt all around so we had a moving target. Only my family:) Gotta love them!