Monday, November 10, 2008

Show and Tell

Today was quite an easy, breezy day... Chris had preschool, which means breaktime for mommy. He goes to the Leesburg United Methodist Preschool twice a week. Once a month, Chris has show and tell. I'll admit that I "prep" him about what he's taking and what to say... if you know Chris, you know why I do this:) I do let him pick out what he's taking~ so after I veto'd the DS and a light sabre (for some reason I didn't see those going over so well), he decided to take his Virginia Tech football. He was going to tell about how he went to the game with mommy and daddy and it was all really sweet... When I picked him up, I asked how show and tell went... He started off great- here's how his show and tell went... "I told my class that this is my Virginia Tech football. I said I got it when I went to the Virginia Tech football game with mommy and daddy (I'm thinking wow, such a sweet little boy). It's really cool, but what I really wanted that day was cotten candy. Mommy and Daddy said the cotten candy man didn't show up for work, so I didn't get to get any, so I had to get this football instead. " I can only imagine what he says that I don't know about!

And yes, that is Miss Addie Tay taking brother to school, and yes, she's carrying a purse. Bad habits have started already:) Like mother, like daughter... only now she's the one with the cute purse and I'm the one with an old diaper bag.