Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chris and Add...

The past few days have flown by... I watched the twins a lot, so Brendan had Daddy Duty the past couple of days. Then, this morning, I actually had a mommy's day out with Sara, Mrs. C, and my mom. We ventured to the Christmas Marketplace at the Dulles Expo Center to the craft fair- how old are we- we actually enjoy craft fairs! They had some cute things- and I might have bought more if I didn't have such bad luck... I bought a garlic dipping sauce- and it slipped out of my hand and shattered in the restroom- oops... but I bought another:) And then, we had bought these personalized magnets and I left them at a random booth- so before I had even arrived home, Brendan received a call that a lady had my package at booth 385 (my phone number was on the bag since it was being personalized)... so needless to say, he knew I had been shopping! It's funny how things work out- who would have ever thought that I would be best friends with my mother... I call her 10 times a day (literally)... and love her so much- I remember in high school, Sara was picking me up on my road b/c I was "running away"- and now we're picking our moms up for a day out because we truly enjoy their company- crazy:)

Here are some pictures of Chris and Addie- In one picture, they are in matching jammies- their "bones" as they like to call them... that glow in the dark. I can't begin to tell you how close they are. They are never without each other, and when they are, they seem lost. It was so cute~ Tonight, Brendan and I were putting away groceries, and I told him to look in the family room. They were sitting on the couch together, and Chris reached down and smelled Addie's feet, and then said "poo-tinky."- This is a random game we do for laughs in the McCullers household. He did it a couple of times, then kissed her, and then they continued on with their cartoon. Those are the moments I live for- just too precious:)

Oh- and the other picture is of the two of them at the top of Chris's bunk bed... Don't worry- I was right there... Addie Tay has learned to climb to the top~ so I think the ladder needs to move to storage before we have an ER visit!