Saturday, November 15, 2008

Addie's first haircut

Today, we took Addie to get her first haircut- she is just growing up way too fast! It's a little shorter than I wanted~ but we had to trim it up. Maybe it's because I grew up in Arcola, but I was paranoid about her having a mullet because the back was growing so much faster than the sides... Now that it's evened up- grow baby grow:)

She couldn't have been better~ she sat all by herself, perfectly still the entire time~ At times, she had her serious face, but she loved being the center of attention- and Daddy, Mommy, and Brother were all watching:)

Afterwards, Chris got his special time, too... We drove around searching for Star Wars, The Clone Wars- it's the cartoon version and just came out this week. After striking out at two Red Boxes, we found it at Blockbuster~ so he's getting to stay up late right now to watch it with Daddy. Yes, I have Star Wars nerds living in my home... but it's their "special thing" and so cute.