Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Part 2:)

After celebrating Thanksgiving with the Pearson/Smiths, Brendan and I made the trek to Smith Mountain Lake. Brendan's parents live right on the lake and we're lucky enough to get to see them all the time... Although, I must admit that for some reason, we're much better at making the trip during the summer months- could it be warm water, jetski's, boats, and a free vacation home?:) We spent the entire weekend at the lake and had such a good time. I got to be my normal self, and enjoy the extra help at the lake- I slept in late, showered in peace, went shopping without the kids, and passed a little girl on to her Gram when she was awake for hours at night... Addison- we need to work on this darling! The kids had a great time- and Chris has already started asking people for Christmas presents because Gram and Uncle Sean already gave he and Addie "early" presents- He now thinks everyone should do this. One of the coolest things about this Thanksgiving was that Brendan's Grandma flew in to join us- She came down from New Jersey and the kids loved seeing her- Eventhough they don't see her that often, they definately know her and love her sooo much and it was cute to see. Gramma is in her 80's and even made a trip to the arcade with us to play skee-ball- she doesn't miss a thing. Joanie had the best Thanksgiving meal- or should I say meals- we feasted for 3 days straight- and if anyone knows Joanie's cooking~ you know that wasn't good for the diet! I'd love to report that the visit ended on a great note... but remember that stomach bug that I was lucky enough to dodge... well, I think we passed it down to the lake... Sorry Sean and Gramma:(