Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My hubby and Paris...

Brendan is in Cali... he called last night and informed me that he was in Paris Hilton's bedroom- that's always what you want to hear from your husband, right? Seriously though, he went to his copilot's friend's house to watch a basketball game. The house just happened to be Paris's home in Beverly Hills that she just sold. Brendan said it was unreal~ There were mirrors EVERYWHERE. She left her furniture (except for her bed) and the house was decorated with basically just mirrors and pictures of none other than... Paris Hilton. He said the letter "H" was everywhere and so were security cameras. There was a special "paparazzi escape route", an office just for the security officers that monitored the cameras, the 2 car garage was converted into a closet, the pool had a built in D.J. area complete with cages where her monkeys would hang out by the dance floor... oh, and let's not forget the stripper pole room:) He was walking two blocks to Sunset Hills Blvd to dinner. Sometimes I think I should have been a pilot- no, I think nothing can compare to a night of pretending your a horse and giving rides to tire out your children and feasting on a PBJ:)
These are pics from his camera phone of her living room, the pole, and the pool.