Sunday, November 9, 2008

Playdates galore

I LOVE staying at home... but I have to keep a busy schedule, or I go crazy. Really- I go insane- and I'm not looking forward to winter coming. These are some pictures of some recent playdates... The first one is of Jason and Chris- Jason and Katelyn live down the street from us and we play together all the time... It was cute- this Saturday, I was headed out and Jason and Chris arranged their own playdate with the two Daddy's:) We go to Nona's and Papa's a few times a week... Nona recently thought it would be great for the kids to make a Halloween craft... a spider out of styrofoam, and a tree with leaves. I think we overstayed our welcome- after being there for a few hours, she politely told us that from now on, craft days will work better if they last no more than an hour and a half... but I think many of you would agree if you saw her house after we visit... Also, my best friend, Ashley, flew in last week for a visit... After a girl's night out, we had a four day playdate- we did several parks, went swimming at Ida Lee, and had a Ya-Ya playdate at Sara's house- fun fun! Sara was quite the host- the kids even made crafts and decorated their own cakes- Ashley, Sara, and I couldn't believe how well it went- all of our kids have a love/hate relationship, and surprisingly, the day was full of nothing but love!