Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Virginia City

Brendan and I had a great time traveling out to Reno, NV for a family wedding... We loved the area and had fun being "tourists." We visited Virginia City... where it's like an old western town. There are still saloons that people like Wyatt Earp, Mark Twain, and Doc Holiday hung out at. It was so much fun going off on our own little adventures;)

Nana and Papa kept Chris and Addie for us while we were gone, and they made it out alive. Chris did come home with a busted lip and scratched up face from "running into a tree." Hmmmmm.
They stayed busy with their own adventures... they had Chris's swim team party where he received a trophy, they went downtown and explored the building museum and saw "Obama's house." They also went to the batting cage, golfing, to Caleb's birthday party- where they are still talking about their cousin Caleb (who is only three) and how he could stand on his head for five minutes!, to the movies, and of course parks:)
Chris came home with lots of stories... I think the cutest was:
"Mommy and Daddy, Pepper (my parent's new dog) was biting me. Papa kept saying they weren't bites they were just nips. He said she was just nipping me. But Mama, those were really bites!"