Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Reno was soooooo beautiful and picturesque. Picturesque (is that even a word?) is not something I would use to describe Northern Virginia... and it made us wonder whey we love living here so much! We spent a lot of time exploring the area, downtown, and my new favorite spot- the casinos!!! It was my first time playing tables... and I won $170 off of $20 playing blackjack. Thank God that they didn't pass the gaming tables in Charles Town, because I'm afraid I could get way too addicted!!! Our favorite part of the trip was visiting Lake Tahoe. We liked it so much that we went two days in a row. We borrowed beach chairs, got a prime spot at Sand Harbor and enjoyed just relaxing... We also braved the water- which wasn't as cold as I was expecting. We dove off rocks, well, more like jumped off the baby ones... and were amazed at how clear the water was!

It doesn't get better than this- chillin' with my trash magazine:)