Sunday, July 26, 2009

51 weeks and counting...

Until we return to the Outer Banks... and I can't wait!!! We had so much fun... I had high hopes of breaking out my camera and getting some great pictures this week... but we were too busy having too much fun to have my "photo shoots." Either that, or people were hiding from my camera because they know they are going to make the slog:) Here are a few random pictures I snapped... I love my family so much... they are THE best:)

Jenna Benna

Mikey and Krista

Ave and Brian

Ave- why are you soooo happy in this picture?

Just precious!

Total Gayness... Gay.D. and Butt-Butt

It's hard to see- but Nanny and Pappy looking down on us in the pool:)

Sweet girl

Averey, Brad, and Jenny... I made them pose... ha ha!

Chris and Addie- we always have a "light stick" night on the beach... I found these matching glow in the dark outfits... Super cute, but they never glowed for us... But they make me soooo happy just looking at them. Growing up, we always caught lightning bugs in mason jars at Nanny and Pappy's. These shirts make me thing of that- oh, the memories:)