Friday, July 10, 2009

Play, Play, Play

On Monday, Sarah and I decided to get together with the kids... Our plans were to meet at Lifetime Fitness, workout, and go to the pool. Well, we met, checked the kids into the daycare (which is amazing... I just wish this gym wasn't so far away:( ) started to workout... and then got called back to the daycare... Let's just say Jack is a major Mama's boy and does not like to be away from his mommy... so he got kicked out of the daycare. We then took the kids to the pool- complete with HUGE water slides... While getting ready, Little Miss Addie through a fit- she only wanted Aunt Ra-Ra to put on her swimsuit. After swimming, I was going to head home for naptime... but Sara and I got to thinking... Brendan was away at work and Todd was golfing after work... so why not hang out ALL day:) We headed over to Wegman's and Sarah treated us to lunch and dinner (Thanks:)) and then we let the kids play at the park in front of Starbucks- they loved it. We hung out at Todd and Sarah's for a few hours, and then headed to their neighborhood park... and then to the volleyball court so the kids could play in the sand. About eight hours later, we finally headed home... and before I left their subdivision the kids were passed out for the night... Our plan worked like a charm:)