Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tradition Continues

Every year, Brendan and I visit the sand dunes... Most of our family doesn't make the trip or find it nearly as exciting as we do, but we are trying to keep it a McCullers tradition:) I ran down the dunes when I was big and pregnant with Chris, and he has run down them every year since:) Addie was a little unsure of them this year... She wanted Daddy to "care-o" (her word for carry) her down.

Chris of course ran down as fast as he could, wiped out a million times, was covered in sand, and loved every second of it.

Nana LOVES the sand dunes. She goes every year with us. Give Nana the dunes or the banana boat, and she turns into a kid again... She does manage to "trot gracefully" down the dunes in pure Nana style.

Katie and Nathan made the trip with us... they are always game... and Chris was in heavan with Katie being there. Oh, and I totally blame Nathan for teaching Chris to wipeout on purpose. Nathan is the king of good falls on the dunes.

A great end to a long day on the beach:)