Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chris made the Swim Team News!

Chris is featured this week in the Spring Lakes Dolphins News- his swim team digest:) You can click on the pdf file toe see the full version with his... rather dorky- oops, did i just say that... i mean adorable picture... all decked out in his goggles... If you don't want to download it- here is what it says:


Christopher is a four year old swimming star. He is loving his first year on swim team and is a fast free-styler. To help him with his chores at home he would invent a robot. Christopher dreams of being a baseball player, an astronaut, or a pilot. GOOD LUCK CHRISTOPHER.

We overheard the interview... and we're just glad they didn't put his favorite food. When asked what his fave food was, he blurted out PORK CHOPS! I was sure he had gotten a new nickname:)

Here's the link: