Saturday, January 23, 2010

Partyin' It Up

We had another fun day today....

So much for the posing.:)

We went to Blake's 4th birthday party... which was so much fun. He had a magician perform a magic show- and the kids loved it! It was complete with a bunny rabbit to pet!
Yeah- Chris is only a year older than most of these kids... Can ya spot him?!?

Later in the day we showed up at my parents house, and they took a hint and fixed dinner... and the whole gang was there. It was hilarious though- after a couple hours, my parents just said, "O.K., we're leaving. We're going to Pottery Barn." We all started cleaning up and were joking that they were shooing us out. Then they joked that they are going to start doing that every week... it was the first time we helped clean up.:) HA!