Saturday, January 23, 2010

Gram to the rescue...

This week, Brendan and I had to attend a funeral (RIP Papa Jack- we will love you and miss you forever)... so Joanie came up to help us out with the kids for a few days. Whenever she is here, I kind of "take off" for a few days. I sleep in, get errands done, rest, etc. because she takes over with the kids. Let me just tell ya, it's soooo nice... and Joanie, please know, I'm not that lazy all the time!!! She doesn't get to see them all the time, so when she's here, she's a bundle of energy, and I appreciate it so much!!!

She even went to a kickboxing class with me this week... Not bad for a Gram!:)

And of course she had the kids eating healthy- making ants on a log. She told Chris to count out 6 to 8 raisins for he and Addie... He thought she said 68!:)

More cooking....

We also got to make a trip to Fair Oaks Mall and we went to Build-A-Bear workshop for the first time... The kids LOVED it!!! We came home with a bear named Yoda and a dog named Doggy.:)

She also got to see Addie's ballet class and Chris at swim team... Thanks sooooo much for all of your help Joanie!!! We love ya and appreciate it more than you know!