Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another fun visitor!

Yay- Uncle Sean had a layover at Dulles Airport and got to spend the night with us! The kids were in heavan and I'm sorry Joanie, but I think it was good birth control for Sean, so don't plan on any more grandbabies any time soon! Addie was allllll over Sean...

My mom always says how I liked older men when I was a little girl and that I would always love to watch the construction workers... Today, my mom was watching the kids and she was doing pretend make-up with Addie. Addie heard a guy stop by downstairs- he was there to for business with my dad... and Addie looked at my mom and in a prissy voice said, "I need to go downstairs so I can see that MAN!" Ha!

Chris was so excited, he got to get a new Wii game today... and Addie got an Easy Bake Oven (a Santa present we forgot about). Let's just say we need a little practice on our cooking skills!