Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mr. Mom

Brendan is gone a lot with his job... but when he is home he makes up for it. It's hard when he's away because I'm pretty much a single parent and for the past couple of months he's been gone a ton. Since Christmas though, he's been home a fair bit. Sometimes I feel like I don't give him enough credit when he is home. He really does help a ton! He lets me sleep in, plays with the kids, does dishes, works on my honey-do lists, and really contributes to the household chores... and I'm soooo thankful for that! This morning, he totally amazed me. We've found a new church that we love, but today the Cowboys were playing at 1- so if I was going to workout, I had to miss church. Brendan came upstairs, got me up and told me to go to my class at 9am. When I got home, he had:

-Showered with the kids, gotten them dressed, and taken them to church all by himself... and bonus points- he even remembered a bow!

Started homemade chili for us to have during the football game,

and make blueberry muffins for breakfast!!!

What a guy!:) Thanks baby!:) And the next time I'm complaining about you being gone, remind me of this.:)

Oh- and too bad those Cowboys sucked today... Ha Ha!... Addie started cheering during the game without us saying anything. She started yelling, "Come on Romo. Gooooo Romo!" It was hilarious! We looked at her shocked and asked her where she learned that... to which she replied, "Ummm, at church." Ha!