Sunday, January 17, 2010

Boo Boo's and Owwies

Knock on wood, my kids are usually pretty healthy. Last year Chris made it a whole year without a doctor's visit... well, besides a broken arm! But lately, we've been having wierd things going on... First, Addie had a growth on her arm... She got the stitches out and now we're just putting neosporin on the wound to try and keep it from scarring- She was such a trooper. Now, Chris has been battling a wart on his foot. It started as a small wart about 2 months ago. I have taken him to our pediatrician twice and it's now been frozen twice, and nothing really happened- It just seems to keep getting bigger and it's on the ball of his foot and hurts him.:( Since the dermatologist was so good with Addie, I took Chris this week to see her. She had to laser his foot and we're hoping this is going to take care of it... It looks like it may be dying... and I hope so because poor little Chris screamed bloody murder during the laser. I know it had to be so painful- I have NEVER and I mean NEVER heard him scream like that- it sounded like pure pain.:( Let's hope we're done with these crazy ailments soon!