Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cabin Fever

It's still freeeeeeezing here and we've been holed up in the house. The kids have been so cute playing together. Chris is actually big enough to give Addie "horsey rides" and she loves it. We ventured out to the pool at Claude Moore this weekend and the kids were in heavan... summer can't come soon enough! Chris got to stay up to watch the Cowboys win last night- he made it until halfway through the 4th quarter and then he crashed- he just couldn't stay up any longer!

Addie is still becoming quite the handful. She's little Ms. Priss Pot... I looked at her and asked her why she's so cute... and this picture was taken as she was saying, "Because I'm soooo pretty.":) She also likes to come up with new words... she is so much like her brother- she does everything he does! Today's word was "Bunga, Bunga," and she even has me saying it.

Tonight, we went to Chuck and Jackie's to celebrate Dean Alex's graduation from the BEST college in the world- Virginia Tech- WOOO HOOOO! You would have thought that we were some high class family or something... We had a cocktail hour and then a catered dinner of salmon, beef tenderloin, asparagus wrapped in proscuitto, mashed potatoes, bread... and more. But if you had listened to our dinner conversations, you'd quickly realize that we're just white trash with a little money... But I'm soooo proud of my family- we are a family that loves each other so much.

And I'm super proud of this guy right here... We love his girlfriend soooo much. Alexis- you're the best... Doesn't this look like a cute little family.:)

But poor Alexis... now that Dean's gone, Brendan is trying to figure out how he and Mike can crash at your place for their annual guy's weekend at Tech for a football game... Get out your shorts now- Ha!