Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nothing better...

Earlier this week, we had a couple abnormally warm days... and it was the best thing ever... Of course, we were in our element, hitting up parks and having fun!

I met up with Sarah and we took the kids to the park... and Nona and Papa stopped by to join in on the fun.

If you look in the distance, there is a lacrosse net... We would send the kids running to it as a race... It worked like a charm tiring them out!:)

Volleyball court? Nah- Sarah and I are famous for letting the kids play beach at volleyball courts... at least we didn't have out the sand toys!:)

Oh, Add...

These kids love each other soooooooo much! But seriously, Todd, I'm proud of you and all, but this UVA stuff has to stop!

Oh, and speaking of Nona and Papa, I have to share the funniest story of the week. He was babysitting Jack and Mage... Sarah makes them homemade lime juice... so Papa kept filling their cups up with the lime juice... OOPS!!!! He had the wrong pitcher... Let's just say that Papa and the boys were enjoying homemade margaritas all afternoon!!!! The boys went to bed early... and slept off their hangover!