Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas Eve

This year Christmas came and went sooooo fast. We celebrated Christmas Eve like we always do- We started at my parents house and then headed over to Nanny and Pappys. Besides the week at the beach, this is always my next favorite day of the year...

We began the tradition of making the grandkids line up in order to walk into where the presents are like we do at Nanny and Pappys.

Off they go...

Chris was soooo excited because he finally got his Wii. But don't you know he still asks to go to Dean Alex's house all the time to play the old school sega. I will say that I'm sure this Wii will provide us many hours of fun family nights.:)

And of course Uncle Eric didn't stop the tradition of giving the kids something crazy. This year it was jock straps. Chris just couldn't understand why Uncle E would give him funny underwear and is still talking about it.

We all hung out at Nanny and Pappy's to do our gift card Christmas.:) Of course we had to line up youngest to oldest. Somewhere Brad and I are in there. It's kind of funny- even my cousin Brian who is near 40 has to line up... and we never complain. We love it every year!

For some reason, Paige still thinks she's the baby and makes her way to the front... don't you go behind Ave Paigie K.?

It was such a fun night hanging out with the fam...

and I'm so glad my kids are getting to celebrate Christmas Eve just as I did growing up!