Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Safe travels...

Thank you soo much to all of you checking on me... I'm happy to let you know that I made it back safe! Hurrican Ida-ho, no U-da-Ho as Ashley would call it ended up not being as bad as we thought... but I will just go on the record and say that anyone staying for a bad hurricane is CRAZY! Ash's beach condo is in the Gulf Shores area of Alabama and is on a tiny strip of land with the bay on one side and the ocean on the other. Her road floods, so Rusty advised us to either "get out" or plan on staying until Thursday! Jen actually had to leave us early Monday morning, and after trekking down to the beach for pictures, Ash and I packed up and headed out. Here we are unshowered, with no-make-up, braving the storm:) And yes, we're in matching shirts- which later got us totally laughed at when we ended up shopping at a mall in the hood:)

Jen, Ash, and I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning having a middle-aged woman slumber party... and it was great! When it was time to go, Ash and I did what every person fleeing a storm would do... we picked a city and decided to go explore it! We went to Montgomery, Alabama to shop, eat, and relax! We would have relaxed a lot more if my directions were better. We were trying to find the hotel... and I typed it into Ashley's GPS on her phone... After driving for way too long while following my directions, Ash decided to check out the phone... when she saw that we had "1 Day, 8 Hours" left, she knew I had messed up... Let's just say that we know know there is a Carmichael Drive somewhere in Cali. Oops! Let's just say it was not Thelma and Louise at our finest!

The girls and I had a great time even if it rained on our parade...

Today, it was back to life as I know it. I would show pictures of Christopher, but Uncle E took him to a class at L.A. Boxing!!! He loved it and I think we may sign him up- It's actually a workout class geared for little kids and I think it would be great for him during these winter months.

While Chris was doing his thing, I was with Addie Tay at Nona's. We were talking about how she has ballet tomorrow... and why do you think she is laughing so hard? Could it be because Nona surprised us both by putting on her 1980's leotard and twirled around demonstrating all of her ballet moves? HILARIOUS... wish she would have let me get a picture for the slog, but my life was threatened!

Oh, Addie... Really?

I had such a good time on my girl's weekend... but it was back to real life today... and it was great even if it was more "work." I mean, how could I resist this little face?