Monday, November 16, 2009

End of an Era...

On Saturday, we got together with Chris's team to celebrate the end of the flag football season. He received a trophy and a medal and couldn't have been happier:) His team wasn't the strongest... but they really came a long way this season. It started with complete chaos... and by the end of the season, his team totally "got" flag football. They could line up and run plays without help. It wasn't always pretty... but I know that Chris could join in any flag football game with older kids and totally play... so I'll chalk this season up as a win:) Chris and Brendan are already counting down the days to the spring season... Chris will be old enough for baseball!

Can you tell we're a Hokie family... we all wore our Hokie gear since the Hokies were playing later that day... and you could tell we're in Virginia- we weren't the only family that did this... Hokie Proud:)