Tuesday, November 24, 2009

He's got personality...

Today, Chris had a program at preschool... It was a little Pow-Wow... He walked into the auditorium sooo cute...

Although he was the only one using his necklace as a sling, and shouting out, "Look, I've got a broken arm."

He was so cute...

When the Pow Wow first started, the director asked, "Who knows why we are all here." Chris quickly raised his hand. My butt began sweating and I wanted to hide because I couldn't even imagine what he was going to say. Of course, she called on Chris, and he said, "Because it's almost Thanksgiving." Woo Hoo... bullet dodged, sweet answer.

Chris sang all the songs great... and he was definatly into the hand motions.

And then at the end- all the kids in the circle.... and then there's one kid in the middle trying to touch the fake bon fire. Yep, that's my Topher. Surprise, Surprise:)


Brendan's Granmom has been with us for a couple of days until we go to the lake... It's been great hanging out with her! We love ya Granma!

The bonfire that Chris almost put out:)

Total Sweetness:)