Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh lord! I've officially become that mom!

Oh, man... I really have become that mom that I never thought I would become. I was driving down the road the other day- I had showered, had gotten all dolled up, and I looked down at my wrist and just had to die laughing... Look at my fine jewels... Give me a macaroni necklace and I'd be hot stuff... But hey, my Chrissy made it and I love it.

Oh, and then theres my car... yep- gotta love the minivan;)

Did you notice my new magnet? It's fabulous:) Chris and I are so proud~ He made the Snow Swimming Swim team and is now swimming Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. I laugh every time I see it... Next thing ya know, I'm going to have a bumper sticker that says "My kid is on the Leesburg United Methodist Honor Roll."
I'm pretty much falling into all the mom traps that I said I would never, ever do. But ya know what? I wouldn't have it any other way.:)
Paigie K... thanks for letting me know that you read my blog. I love you soooooo much~ and yes, of course you deserve a shout out. And I'll try not to be so mommish around you. I might break out a cute outfit over Christmas and we can ride around blaring music so I can feel young for twenty minutes. I love ya babe... Holla!