Thursday, August 6, 2009

Where did the week go?

I was just on the phone with Ashley... for the 20th time today... and I told her that I really do know the reason I blog... I love the fact that Chris and Addie will know what they did, what they said, how they acted, and that they will know all the little stories from when they were little. I haven't blogged in almost a week and I feel like I've lost a week of their childhood... Gay, I know. We've been so busy and doing so many things that I can't even remember half of what went on this past week. We've been having fun hanging out with Aunt Ra-Ra and the boys, our neighbors, our family, and have just been on the go~ That's a good thing- I can't stand not being busy!

Let's see- what little things do I remember... Chris wants to know all the time if he looks like an army man. I think it's mainly because we're going to see his idol, his cousin Hank, this weekend.

Yes, Chris, you look pretty tough sweetie... but that doesn't mean when you get on the phone you need to say, "You're dead you filthy animal" to everyone like you have this week. Maybe he shouldn't have watched Home Alone....

Oh, and for the record, you threw the biggest tantrum today at the outlet mall... and Nana still got you the camo lunchbox you wanted... If you were at the outlets- I was the mom that looked like she had no control over her child...

Oh, little Addie- You have cracked me up this week... You talk like a 5 year old. You have been saying the word something... Like when you called from your bed, "Hey Mommy, I wanna tell you something." But you say it sooooooooooo cute... you say "sump-in." We've been playing a lot of "I spy" just because I love hearing you say, "I spy sump-in..." It's tooo cute. You also are just on the verge of swimming... You swam about 4 feet to the wall yesterday. Sink or swim, right?

Oh- and here you are in your little Apple Bottoms outfit... I had to make you represent- Ha!