Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Joe's worst nightmare...

If you follow along, I've mentioned how my college roommate and I have been hanging out... It's been so much fun... Katie put up with a lot from me... and her hubby, Joe, knows me from college... so this is probably his worst nightmare...

Chris helping his daughter:)

We hung out at Katie and Joe's neighborhood pool today, and the kids had a great time... Funny story~ I call her hubby, Joe, because that's what he introduced himself as to Katie. When she went to look him up on the computer, she couldn't find a "Joe" on the cross country team... because he gave a made-up name. He's still Joe to me... and I'll probably never call him anything else. Some of you college friends have been asking for pictures of their kids... They are super cute... I can't believe Joe produced these angels... J/K:)


and Lucy

My Topher

and my Add... you know... because every little girl needs to swim with Spiderman sunglasses on:)