Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hanging with friends... old and new

The kids LOVE playing with their friends... We hung out with our friends from our old subdivision in West Virginia... they just moved back to Loudoun, so we hope to spend more time with them!

Ice cream sandwiches on a hot summer day... perfect:)

Chris's buddy Riley~ Chris looks up to him sooo much:)

We also had a blast last night hosting our friends in this hood for dinner. It was going to be a great dinner... until we ran out of gas for our grill in the middle of grilling our steaks... and until I messed up the mac-n-cheese by pouring a bag of "mexican" cheese on it instead of the bag of cheddar... It sure made for an interesting twist on my dish! One day, I'll learn to cook. At least we had fun and enjoyed our company... Here's Addie's future hubby and best playmate, D.J.

And this is D.J.'s sister Mya- She's so sweet, but I need to stop holding her so I don't get the baby bug!