Thursday, August 13, 2009

A milestone...

Do you notice anything different about Addie's hair? This is after we were out running around all day, so I'll have to get a better picture... but she had her first real pony tail! Am I crazy because I wanted to cry... She's growing up way to fast... but it was oh so cute:)

The kids and I have been busy, busy, busy this week. We've managed to hit up the pool every day, visit the fountains and have a smoothie date at Lansdowne, visit with friends, and have a date day with Nana. She treated both kids to a toy at Target (Todd, don't go crazy reading this, she said it's Mage and Jack's turn next week:)) and then we had lunch out. The kids have of course kept me laughing...

Chris and I always used to watch Jon and Kate + Eight together, but with all the stuff going on recently, I haven't been letting him watch it. Ashley told him he can't watch it because Jon is a bad, bad man and we don't like him any more. The other morning, and old episode was on when the kids were little, so I let Chris watch it. He got soooo excited and said, "Oh Mommy, I'm so glad Jon turned good again!" Ha!

When we were riding in the car yesterday, out of no where, Chris asked me when he can have his own cell phone. I told him he had to be at least 14. He then began turning the tables and lecturing me. He said, "Mommy I only have to be ten, and don't ya know I want one now so I can "type in" to my friends (a.k.a. text)." I said, "Oh really, what would you say to them." He said right back, "I'm bored, come over to my house. And Mom, I don't want a phone like yours, I want one that has the top part that goes up so I can just push letters." The boy is only four- Lord help me when he's older!

Chris is the king of one-liners... We had my parents over for dinner the other night and Chris had BBQ sauce covering his face... My dad called him over and tried to clean it off... Chris quickly looked at my dad and said, "Papa, don't ya know, I'm saving that for later!"

Also, Little Miss Addie does not miss a beat. I always read to her before naps and bedtime, and the other day, I tried to skip some pages. She quickly caught what I was doing, told me to "Hold on," turned back to the skipped pages and read them to me! Today she was also officially swimming... It's not pretty and it's underwater most of the time, but she can definatly swim to the wall!