Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh, the memories...

This week, Brendan has been gone for training, so the kids and I have been busy scouring Loudoun for things to do... We visited Alogonkian Park- which was a blast, and the kids LOVED the water slides:) We've been out and about, and we spent one afternoon at one of my favorite parks in Ashburn... Hello Ya-Ya's, Sethie, and a few others... do you remember this park? I don't know the real name, but this park is located in Ashburn and we all call it the Dinasour Park. It was built some time during our high school years and we all have some fond memories of it... some more that others... LOL:)

I remember one night, we were all there hanging out... and I promise you, we were really just being good kids and looking at the lightning bugs in the field. To make a long story short, the cops came and thought we were drinking and up to no good. I worked with one of the cops at Brambleton Golf Course, and I told him we were really just looking at lightning bugs and hanging out. He sooooo didn't believe us, but went along with it and let us all go. Nowadays, Suwit is one of the cops that patrols the Dulles Town Center mall, and every time I see him, he laughs, and asks me if I've seen any lightning bugs lately:) I swear (and I know I shouldn't do that) that that night that is all we were really doing, and I still tell him that... Chris always wonders why the po-po is talking to me!!!

As you can see, the kids love this park... just like their Mommy:)